About Us

Who Are We?

Code Haven is an undergraduate student organization at Yale University dedicated to introducing students to computer science starting at a young age. Every week, our mentors teach computing lessons at several middle schools in the New Haven area, engaging the students with online lessons, group activities, and class-wide demonstrations. The students we work with go from having no knowledge of CS to programming their own Android apps over the course of the year. Since we were founded in 2016, we have gone from teaching 18 students in a single classroom to working with over 180 students this year across 7 classrooms.

To learn more about Code Haven, visit our organization’s website at codehavenyale.com.

Open Source Curriculum

We believe that sharing our curriculum with the world will help us pursue our mission of inclusively increasing access to computer science education. We hope that by providing these resources that we’ve developed over the past four years, we can reduce the barriers for teachers who share our missions and want to integrate computer science in their classrooms.

Another key reason why we have created this website is to receive feedback from educators, other student groups, and anyone else using this curriculum to let us know how we can improve our lessons. We depend on feedback to improve our curriculum every year, and we hope that you will help us make changes! Visit our FAQ page to learn how to do this.

A Note From Us

Code Haven is fortunate to have a team of over 50 mentors to help us keep our student-to-mentor ratio very low. As a result, many of our lesson plans and activities that we have published here incorporate small group discussions and are dependent on students receiving individual attention. We realize that this is often not possible in classroom settings, and we have offered some suggestions for how to modify our lessons on our FAQ page. Despite these challenges, we still wanted to make our curriculum available for anyone who wants to use it as a resource.