Code Haven Week 7


Topics: Game Design

Topics: Game Design

Week 7 Overview


  • Apply coordinates to the game design process!

Materials and Resources

Lesson Plan Overview

View our detailed lesson plan here.

  • Introduction (5 min): Explain what we’re doing this week: making our mazes even better!
  • [Optional] Live Coding (5 min): If needed, clear up confusion from the previous week
  • Worksheet (45 min): Finish last week’s worksheet and work on challenges
  • Wrap up (5 min): Review worksheets and have students publish their projects

Challenge Worksheet

Make a start page!

We want to welcome people to our maze, so let’s make a start screen!

- First, choose a new backdrop for your maze by pressing the button in the bottom right corner.

- Then, play around with these blocks to make a start page!

bb #1

Make a “you win” page!

Let’s reward our players for beating the maze with a “you win” screen. It’s very similar to making a start page, so use the blocks above!

Add a points system!

When players get to the end or touch an object, they should get a point!

 - First, make your own variable by pressing the make a variable button under the variables tab.

- Then, think about when you want your cat to earn points! For example, you could earn points when you win, when you touch a certain object, or when you press a certain keyboard key. 

- Set up a conditional that will check if this has happened, and then increases the points variable!

Here are some blocks to start with:

bb #2

Add more levels!

This is a tricky one! Here are some questions to think about:

- When should my cat play a new level? 
- Should the rules be different in the new level? 
- How is the code similar in the new level? 

- Consider making a new background and using these blocks to get started: 

bb #3

Add sounds!

Cats love to meow! Let’s make our Scratch cat speak out loud as he plays the game. Here are some blocks to start with:

bb #4

Make your cat teleport!

Add some teleportation portals to your maze! When the cat reaches a teleportation portal, it should change locations.

- How should you change the maze background so that teleportation makes sense? 

- Make sure you figure out the coordinates correctly!

- Here are some blocks to get started with: 

bb #5