Code Haven Week 6


Topics: Game Design

Topics: Game Design

Week 6 Overview


  • Apply coordinates to the game design process!

Materials and Resources

Lesson Plan Overview

View our detailed lesson plan here.

  • Introduction (5 min): Review coordinates and explain the maze game
  • [Optional] Live Coding (5 min): Work through parts 1 and 2 of the worksheet together
  • Worksheet (45 min): Log into Scratch accounts and work on the worksheet
  • Wrap up (5 min): Review worksheets and see how far students got


Part 1: Getting Our Maze!


- Go to 
- Click the See Inside button
- Sign in to your Scratch account 
- Click the Remix button
- Rename your project “Maze Game” 

Your maze should look like this!

block bank #1

Part 2: Moving in Scratch!

Let’s make the Scratch cat move up, down, left, and right with arrows!

image #1

- Make the program run forever when the flag is pressed.

- Make four conditionals, one for each arrow button that can be pressed 

- Add the correct direction inside each arrow conditional 

Here’s a block bank to get you started!

block bank #1

Part 3: From the Window…

When Scratch runs into a wall, he should teleport back to the start!

image #3

- The blocks below should go in Scratch’s forever loop!

 - We should have a conditional that runs when Scratch hits the wall color, sending him to the start and making him say a sad message.

Here’s a block bank to get you started!

block bank #3

Part 4: Field Goal!

When Scratch gets to the green area, he should say an encouraging message!

image #4

- Add one more conditional that runs when Scratch gets to the end! 

- Write a fun message for him to say to the game player :)

block bank #4